Blue cheese cutting line.

Blue cheese cutting line.
Blue cheese cutting line.
Blue cheese cutting line.


The patented exact-weight cutting line is designed for cutting round cheese into angular portions of exact weight.

Equipped with a weighing and 3D scanning system, as well as a pre-cutting feature into unequal halves, it maximizes efficiency and reduces giveaway. It is a cheese cutting equipment.

BFR Systems has been a manufacturer of ultrasonic cutting machines since 2001.

Part de fromage bleu
Fromage Rond Tranché
Fromage Bleu découper
Fromage bleu


  • Products: All types of round cheeses (Stilton, blue cheese, Roquefort).
  • Formats: Diameter ranging from 190 to 400mm depending on the models.
  • Throughput: 60 to 100 portions per minute, depending on the product and the target weight to be achieved.


  • Portion cutting without core, or with round or square core.
  • Integration of a portion accumulator and automatic loading into a flow pack or thermoforming packaging machine.

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