Line for paté cutting and packaging

  • Ultrasonic cutting quality
  • Thickness can be setted-up
  • High speed

Line for cheese cutting and packaging

  • Fixed or variable weight cutting
  • Classical or ultrasonic blades
  • X-ray technology, 3D vision and weighing
  • Tray feeding and automatic handling in thermoforming machine
  • High production speed

Line for sandwiches

  • Line for sandwiches, from half-automatic to automatic
  • Quickest lines of the market
  • Slicing, quick feeding, conveying and packaging

Loaves of goat cheese

  • Process and rack feeding
  • 300 cheeses / minute

Ligne de mini pâtisserie

Ligne de mini pâtisserie

Ligne Robot chargement flow pack

Ligne Robot chargement flow pack


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From specifications to conception, with a made-to-measure prototyping, our staff will use its expertise in conception and innovation to meet your needs and result expectations.

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